Primary Care Associates is open with no change in our hours. We are still here for you, and we intend to be here for you through this entire COVID-19 pandemic. Our offices are COVID-19 free at this time. No patients or individuals (including employers and physicians) that have upper respiratory symptoms are allowed access into the clinics. If you have a medical condition (other than respiratory symptoms), or need to address continued medical treatment of any of your chronic medical problems, please call the office to schedule an appointment. Our lab is still up and running and able to draw and perform laboratory tests as usual. Our x-ray is also available.

If you are unable to come in to the office due to travel restrictions, quarantine, self isolation, current or recent upper respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath), or are just fearful of leaving your home, please call your PCA clinic to discuss the option to schedule a telemedicine visit. We have the capability to contact you easily, connecting with any laptop, desktop, iPad, or phone (on any operating system). We simply text you a link, you follow the simple directions, and within seconds you will see and hear your practitioner, who will have complete access to your medical chart. We can diagnose, prescribe, and give recommendations as we would at a normal visit. Most importantly, we can and will continue to care for our patients at PCA throughout the entire Covid-19 period, for all the conditions you might normally see us for, as well as a telemedicine visit for symptoms associated with upper respiratory infections. And if you have insurance we are pleased to announce that Governor Dunleavy has mandated that insurance cover these tele-video care visits, encouraging you to connect easily/effectively with your practitioner at PCA.

The physicians and practitioners at PCA are directly involved in the community medical response to COVID-19. Our physicians and practitioners are updated daily, if not hourly on COVID-19. Some of us are involved in a state-wide on call support line to all physicians in Alaska. Others are helping to develop processes and procedures in anticipation of an outbreak. We want you to know that the physicians and practitioners of Primary Care Associates are educated and up to date on COVID-19, we are involved in the community response, and we are here and available for you, the patient. We are open, operating, with full capability to take care of your medical needs, whether it be by phone, video, or in person.

Sincerely, with Best Regard for Your Health,

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