Travel Medicine

If you’re planning an upcoming trip to a foreign country, a lot of different factors need to be considered. In addition to making transportation plans, arranging accommodations, planning activities and learning to navigate the city you’re visiting, don’t forget the importance of travel medicine. Primary Care Associates offers travel medicine treatment, disease prevention, and counseling for the international globe trotter. Breathe easier knowing that our physicians have your health as their number one priority. Our doctors know that the last thing you need on your trip is a sudden illness, and they want you to be as prepared as possible.
What is travel medicine?
Travel medicine deals with the prevention and management of health issues related to international travel. When you’re visiting a foreign country, the last thing you need added to your plate is an unexpected illness or injury. Talking to your doctor about travel medicine before a big trip can help you better prepare for challenges or concerns you may face once you arrive overseas.
Why is travel medicine important for travelers?
Depending on the location to which you are traveling, you may be required to get certain vaccinations before entering that specific country. Some diseases and infections that are not common in the United States are more prevalent elsewhere in the world, and your body may not be able to deal with the new germs it is exposed to when you get off the plane. If you are visiting a country with significantly different environments, such as dry desert or wet marshland, your body may receive a shock before becoming accustomed to the new conditions. Visiting a center where a physician is well versed in travel medicine can give you a better idea of what to expect while you travel.
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Altitude medication
Travel healthcare counseling & preparation
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