Sports Medicine

If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, you know that exercising safely can be the difference between experiencing soreness the next day and being put out with an injury. As sensible as this may sound, athletes are generally used to pushing themselves to their limits, and this can sometimes result in unanticipated sprains or muscle tear
If physical fitness is important to you, an unexpected injury can become a huge obstacle in your health and wellness journey. If such an accident does occur, you can rest assured in knowing that our urgent care centers offer excellent medical services to get you back on track sooner. Find a center.
What is sports medicine?
Sports medicine refers to any medical care involved in the treatment and prevention of injuries and illnesses related to sports and exercise. This can include a large range of injuries from sprains, to muscle pulls and tears, to concussions. Doctors can also treat illnesses related to physical activity, such as asthma and diabetes
How do I know if I need to consult a sports medicine physician?
If you sustain an injury or experience uncomfortable symptoms while exercising, a sports medicine physician may be the best option when seeking treatment. If you are planning to begin a fitness regimen or join a sports team, it would be wise to consult a sports medicine physician beforehand for help with injury prevention.
We provide services for:
Muscle pulls & tears
Sprains & strains
Sports physical exams
and more!
How do I find a sports medicine physician?
Professional and semi-professional sports teams often employ a physician specifically to treat their players, but sports medicine physicians are also readily available to the general public. Physicians at Primary Care Associates medical centers are trained in both the treatment and prevention of sports related issues. They can help their patients both maximize function and minimize disability.
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