Health, Dental, Vision
Yes, we’ve got your total well-being at the top of our list! We offer competitive health, dental and vision coverage plans for both you, your family and even your canine buddy. Yes, your entire family is important to us. We also offer a Health Savings Account option should you like to put some pre-tax dollars away for additional medical and dental expenses, invest in stocks, bonds or mutual funds, join a gym, get your yoga on and more.
Travel Assistance / Medical Protection
Planning a trip to Greece, Italy, or how about France? We’ve got your back should you or a family member experience an out-of-country medical emergency. So go ahead, consider a visit to the Eiffel Tower since you’ve got nothing to worry about.
Paid Time Off
Absolutely PTO! Through our exceptional accrual schedule, you’ll start earning time from the very first day you start with us, and we’re happy to do so. Everyone needs a little R & R, and we encourage our employees to take time away from work. So recharge your batteries, and have yourself some downtime. We’ll even let you flex your workday to meet a personal need.
We’ve got it, we offer it, and you’ll be set up for financial success with it. We want our employees to have peace of mind, so we’re prepared to help secure your financial future.
Employee Assistance Program
Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, and Primary Care Associates offers a confidential counseling service that can help you or a family member through those “not so pleasant” times of life. Stressful situations can affect your physical and emotional health, and that’s when you can pick up the phone and speak with an expert who cares. They can help you locate childcare or eldercare services, provide financial advice on budgeting, controlling debt, work through complex personal or work relationship issues, depression and more. Your well-being is important to us.
Auto, Home, and Pet Insurance Discounts
This is the car, casa and canine buddy (and yes, your cat too) part of our benefits! If you need insurance options with a discount on any of these three, we’ve got it for you.
Putting People First
Ask anyone that works at Primary Care Associates and they’ll tell you, the #1 reason they work here is the people. We are a special group with strong relationships, and we take care of each other every day. We spend a lot of time and invest a great deal of our resources into you and your growth, and our positive company culture. We offer learning, and continuing education opportunities, and encourage you to seek out new ways to further develop your skills so we can help you do what you do best.
As an affiliate of U.S. HealthWorks located in 21 states, we are confident there is a position waiting for you.