Urgent Care: Acute Care

At the Primary Care Associates urgent care in Eagle River, a team of skilled physicians is ready to help when you’re feeling unwell. Whether you’re experiencing a prolonged series of symptoms or are seeking relief from a sudden, unexpected illness or injury, our physicians are ready and able to provide any help that they can.

If you sustain a non-life-threatening injury or develop an illness and are unsure on how to seek treatment or do not have time to schedule an appointment, our urgent care physicians will be able to provide you with acute care quickly and without an appointment.

What is acute care?

In simple terms, acute care is the opposite of chronic or long-term care. Acute care refers to the treatment of short-term non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries that are not expected to require prolonged treatment. Illnesses that fall into this category include maladies such as colds or the stomach flu, and acute injuries include bone breaks or sprains.

How do I know if I need acute care?

If you are experiencing new symptoms that you can’t attribute to an existing condition, our team of well trained, urgent care physicians can examine you without an appointment to determine if acute care would be beneficial to you. If you are at all unsure, it is always wise to seek a doctor’s opinion. If our urgent care physicians determine that acute care is not right for you, they can offer you or refer you to another type of medical facility.

Where can I go to receive acute care?

The first step in deciding whether or not you need to seek medical attention begins with being aware of and listening to what your body is telling you. If you begin experiencing unusual symptoms and are in need of urgent care, Eagle River is home to one of our convenient medical centers – a Primary Care Associates urgent care locations. No appointments are necessary, so even if you experience sudden symptoms or physical trauma, our physicians are ready to help you get back on your feet.